Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tumhara Saath

Kabhi zindagi ke baad ka,
Har lamha nazar aata hai.
Kabhi maut ke ehsaas ka,
Har gam mujhe satata hai.

Har lamhon me ek uljhan si hai,
Jo muqaddar ban chali...
Kuch chhut jaate hain,
Maunjon ki god me.
To koi saahil tak,
Sath nazar aata hai.

Jo raah chalne ko,
Baahen hain thaam li.
Har mumkin palon me,
Mujhe apna sath di.
Fir kudrat ke har saugat me,
Mujhe ek naya rang nazar aata hai..

Thanks & Regards,
Brijesh Kumar Pandey

Without you I'm nothing

Loosing my heart...

sinking with beats...

feeling the pain..

deep in the breathe...

I don't know why living alone ...

feeling so loud ... 

Even in peace..

Nailing the life..

Leading to rest..

And in the fight..

Going insane...

Thanks & Regards,

Brijesh Kumar Pandey

Monday, March 18, 2013

Some Interesting facts behind the names of the Companies

Nokia : Nokia started out as a wood pulp mill in the mid 1800′s.

Its second mill was built on a river called the Nokianvirta, and the Finnish company took part of the river’s name as its own.

EBay : eBay was supposed to be a much longer name: Echo Bay Technology Group

After being shortened to Echo Bay, the founder had to change it to because, you guessed it, EchoBay was taken.

Skype : Originally Sky-Peer-to-Peer, it became Skyper but had to do away with the r since the name had already been taken.

Samsung : Sam was three and sung was stars. In Korean, the three points towards "big", "numerous" and "powerful".

Samsung has big ambitions.

Wikipedia : Wiki meant "quick" in Hawaiian and the word was actually a mash-up with part of the word encyclopedia.

Amazon : The founder elected for something "exotic and different" and chose Amazon, pulling references between the big Amazon river and what he envisions his company to be – real big.

Twitter : It was between statusjitter and twitch, but when the founders saw the definition for twitter as they moved down the dictionary entries, they knew they had found a winner – "short burst of inconsequential information, and chirps from birds".

Tumblr : When the founders noticed a shift from blogging to tumblelogs: shorter posts bearing mixed media, they were inspired to call their platform Tumblr.

Instagram : They wanted a name to describe the act of ‘recording’ something ‘right here, right now’.

Monday, February 18, 2013

My Leadership Award

Thanks & Regards,
Brijesh Kumar Pandey

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thakna nahin Ladna hai Raahi

Kabhi maujon me bah kar seekha hai,
Paani me bhi raah banana.
Mushkil chattanon se ladkar,
Aur apni manjil ko paana.

Maana ki mushkil hai raahen,
Par inko mumkin hai banana.
Chahe inme tej jalan ho,
Bas inpe badhate hai jana.

Raahon me angaar to honge,
Par tujhme armaan to hoga.
Unn armaanon ko lekar,
Loot le tu sapno ka khajana...

Brijesh Kumar Pandey

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuhi Mera Sapna Hai

Na wo mere apne hai,
Na dil mera apna hai.
Apne to bas sapne hain,
Bas unme hi jeena hai.

Unn sapno ko jeene me,
Mehnat humko karni hain,
Tod rahaa patthar raahon ki,
Raahon ko aur sajaana hai.

Fir unn par hi chal kar,
Mujhko abb to tujhko paana hai.
Kya karoon jo tu hai sapna,
Jise apna mujhko banana hai.
Karni hai abb aas ye puri,
Bas tujh sang badhate jaana hai...

Brijesh Kumar Pandey

Friday, August 17, 2012

A dedication of someone special for me

Feeling like I am on 7th heaven

It's you,who came into my life like an angel,
It's you,who hold my hand and made me walk crossing all hurdles,
It's you,who made me to fall in love,
It's you,who taught me the meaning of true love,
It's you,who made me laugh but never let me cry,
It's you,who will still love me until I die..
It's you,who touched me,
It's you,who felt me,
It's you,who made my life,
It's you,who completed my life,
It's you and only you,
And so the three words I would say is-
'I love you'

Brijesh Kumar Pandey